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20:20 print Exchange

The 20:20 print exchange, run by Hot Bed Press, started in 2009 with 10 artists from Hot Bed Press in Salford exchanging prints with another 10 from Red Hot Press in Southampton.  It has since outgrown these humble beginnings and is now enormous.  This year 545 artists from 41 print studios sent in a total of 13,625 prints. Each artist receives a unique box of randomly selected prints from across the UK, Ireland, and this year studios in Hong Kong and Canada.

The idea is very straightforward.  The exchange takes place between studios with each artist producing an edition of 25 prints, measuring 20x20cm – that includes 20 prints for the exchange between artists and 4 for boxes that go to studios.  The final print goes to Hot Bed Press, so that the entire collection can tour internationally during the year before the next exchange takes place.

Artists involved each receive a box containing one of their own prints and 19 others randomly selected from all the other artists taking part.  Each studio will be twinned with another and receive a box containing prints from their own printmakers and prints from their twinned studio (the twinned studio will receive a box containing exactly the same prints).  Platform Print group have been twinned with Leeds Print Workshop and the two collections of work will be shown consecutively, Platform's from January to March, and Leeds' from March to May.

Platform Print Group: Rebecca Ainsworth, Helena Denholm, Naoise Johnson-Martin, Lisa Lynch, Rhyannon Parry, Jacqui Priestley, Paul Reynolds, Claire Weetman, Angela Wilkinson, Phil Wilkinson.

Leeds Print Workshop: Laura Alice, Suzie Cichy, Mary Gibbons, Leif Long, Zuzana Marakova, Sue Newell, Susie Rumsby, Anne Switalski, Mick Welbourn, Kirstie Williams.

To see the entire collection of 545 prints, catch the exhibition on tour at Neo: arts, Bolton to 13 February 2018, West Yorkshire Print Workshop 20 February - 24 March, Hong Kong Baptist University 8- 30 May and Highland Print Studio, Inverness. 

See www.2020printexchange.com for more details.